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 UrgoStart Protease inhibitor dressingUrgoStart® is a Protease Inhibitor dressing combining a soft-adherent TLC-NOSF layer (Technology Lipido-colloid and Protease Inhibitor particles), with an absorbent foam pad and a semi-permeable backing.



UrgoStart gives you the power to reduce healing time for your patients by 100 days (1)

  • Soft-adherent TLC–NOSF layer = Effective healing
    • With all the benefits of TLC:
      pain-free dressing changes (2,3,4,5,6), moist wound-healing (2,7), good tolerance (8), stimulation of fibroblast proliferation (9,10)
    • Clinically proven in a double blind Randomised Controlled Trial (8)
    • Easy to apply and very conformable (11,13)
    • Greater patient compliance and acceptability (14, 15)
    • Is cost effective (12)
  • Absorbent pad
    • Absorbs low to moderate levels of exudate (13)
    • Can be used under compression (13)
  • Semi-permeable backing
    • Prevents maceration (11,13)

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