Four layer compression bandage system

Composition and properties

Visuel K Four

 K-Four is a four layer compression bandage system, providing the  gold standard for compression therapy. K-Four is composed of a combination of:

  • K-SOFT - Sub compression wadding bandage to absorb fluid and redistribute pressure

  • K-LITE - Light support bandage type 2 to aid absorbency and act as a base for compression

  • K-PLUS - Light support type 3a bandage to provide up to 20mmHg at the ankle and up to 15mmHg at the calf

  • Ko-FLEX - Cohesive bandage to offer additional compression and maintain position of the other layers


  • K-Three C - High compression type 3c bandage providing the extra pressure necessary for ankles > 25 cm


Safe and effective compression therapy (1,2,3)
• Redistributes pressure to protect bony prominences (1)
• Easy to apply (1)
• Highly conformable in use (1)
• Very high levels of patient comfort (1)
• Improves quality of life (1)
• Available in a range of kit sizes from <18 cm to >30cm
• Clinically proven (1,2,3)



 Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers.

Sizes available


Size NPC Code PIP Code
K-Four < 18cm EVN154 342-5089
K-Four 18-25cm EVN008 266-8382
K-Four 25-32cm EVN155
K-Four 30cm+ EVN156 342-5147
K-Four RC > 18cm



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