Compression therapy has been used since ancient times. Although it may appear to be an outdated system and is often neglected or poorly tolerated by patients: compression is still the cornerstone of treatment for phlebological and lymphatic conditions…

In the last few years, significant medical and technical progress has been made in the field of compression therapy.

Compression is a simple, effective treatment that acts by squeezing the leg (by direct application of pressure, measured in mmHg) to stimulate venous return towards the heart and reduce oedema.
The level of pressure required depends on both the condition to be treated and the patient’s capacity to tolerate this pressure.

With a sound knowledge of this therapy in order to adjust the treatment to each particular indication and patient, it is possible to achieve the expected level of efficacy for the conditions to be treated and a significant improvement in patients’ quality of life.

In phlebology and lymphology, the use of bandages is therefore particularly suitable for compression therapy in venous leg ulcers and to significantly reduce oedema.


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