UrgoKTwo : efficacy, safety and acceptability of a new two-layer bandage system for venous leg ulcers

Benigni JP. Et al. British Journal of Nursing, 2007.

This study was a multi-centre, non-comparative, phase III clinical trial, conducted in 14 French vascular medicine departments and private vascular physicians. The aim was to evaluate the efficacy, the tolerance and the acceptability of a new two-bandage compression system UrgoKTwo in the local management of venous or mixed leg ulcers predominantly of venous origin.

42 patients from 12 centres were involved and followed-up during six weeks. The primary endpoint was the reduction in ulcer surface area, and secondary endpoints were the evolution of leg oedema and patient comfort. During the clinical study, patients underwent weekly clinical assessments and their ulcer surface area was measured by planimetry and photography every alternate week.

The results of the trial showed that the mean surface reduction after six weeks was 58,5%. Moreover, the patients considered that the new compression system had a better effect on quality of life (pain, heat, comfort) than the system worn before entry into the study. Local tolerance was considered very good.

This study showed that this new two-bandage compression system UrgoKTwo is effective and well accepted by patients.


A comparison of interface pressures of three compression bandage systems

 Hanna R. et al. British Journal of Nursing, 2008.

The objective of this study was to compare the evolution of the interface pressure in different positions (supine, sitting, active standing) as well as the working pressure during exercise over a 7 days period, between three compression systems : a four-layer bandage system (4LB), a cohesive short stretch bandage (SSB) associated with a wadding layer and an innovative two-layer one developed by Laboratoires Urgo, UrgoKTwo. This study was made with 20 volunteers who were dressed with one of the three systems, on both legs, during 7 days. The results demontrate that UrgoKTwo is able to keep after one week a level of sub-bandage pressure similar to the 4LB and better than the SSB associated with a wadding layer, with a better comfort.