Two main methods of compression therapy: bandages and compression hosiery

Two different types of compression products are currently used:

  • compression hosiery (socks, stockings, tights and sleeves)
  • bandages

Each product has both advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore necessary to choose between these two types of compression system on the basis of indication, treatment duration, patients compatibility concordance, etc.

It is generally accepted that:

  • for the early stages of CVD, the most commonly used and most suitable compression systems for long-term treatment are socks, stockings and tights for the lower limbs and sleeves for the upper limbs.
  • for the most severe stages of CVD, compression therapy using bandages is more appropriate, especially when there is a venous leg ulcer with a dressing present or a need for a significant reduction in venous or lymphatic oedema



At present, there is no international consensus concerning the various classification systems for hosiery or bandages products in terms of pressure, which explains the considerable diversity in the classes according to pressure levels in different countries (Read more...)