The mechanism of action of compression therapy on the veno-lymphatic system

The main effects of applying external pressure are as follows:

Reduction in vein diameter

(the veins are elastic, which explains why they are sensitive to the application of external pressure)

Restoration of valvular function by bringing the walls of the veins closer together

Reintegration of interstitial liquids into the veins

Improvement in lymphatic microcirculation along with a reduction in pressure within the lymphatic capillaries
Increase in cutaneous microcirculation


Resulting in :

  • a reduction in venous volume, an increase in venous flow rate, improvement of the venous pump and restoration of the direction of the venous circulation from the superficial to the deep network and back towards the heart
  • an acceleration in the filtration rate in the capillaries, stimulation of lymphatic drainage and reduction of oedema
  • finally, the creation of conditions promoting the healing process of  venous ulcers and improvement in trophic disorders.