Physical characteristics

These physical characteristics describe the yarn, weft, type of manufacture (woven, knitted) and the cohesive, adhesive or dry nature of the bandages.
  • Adhesive bandages . These bandages have one side that has been made adhesive by coating with a sticky substance. Non-removable, non-washable, non-reusable, these can therefore be used once only. Due to their specific manufacturing process, they are elastic in one direction only and are therefore termed one-way stretch bandages.




  • Cohesive bandages, also known as self-adhesive bandages. These bandages are coated with a substance (natural latex or a synthetic substance) that enables the bandage to adhere to itself without sticking to the patient’s skin or clothing. They are theoretically washable (on average 5 times according to standards), but washing may reduce their self-adhesiveness; in addition, the bandage can sometimes become tangled up and sticks to itself during washing, making it difficult to unroll. Cohesive bandages are usually one-way stretch (elastic lengthways only).




  • Dry bandages. Made of an uncoated “dry” knit or fabric, these bandages are washable (25 to 30 times according to standards) and removable, but they require a securing system. They are elastic lengthways or lengthways and widthways and are termed one-way stretch or two-way stretch respectively.