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Support bandage

Composition and properties

Visuel Produit K-Lite K-Lite is a type 2 support bandage. It is also available as a longer size for longer legs.



  • Acts as a base for compression
  • Comfortable (1)
  • Very comformable (1)



  • For the treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers (2nd layer of K-Four multilayer bandage system)
  • Light support for sprains and strains
  • Can be used for retention bandaging


Sizes available


Size NPC Code PIP Code
5cm x 4.5m ECA084 239-3619
7cm x 4.5m ECA086 239-3627
10cm x 4.5m ECA100 239-3635
15cm x 4.5cm ECA109 239-3643
K-Lite Long
10cm x 5.25cmECA173



(1)  Ballard K. et al. An evaluation of the Urgo four-layer bandage system. BJN 2000; 9 (16): 1089-1094.