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Preventex is a range of anti-embolism stockings specifically designed to reduce the risk of developing a blood clot or deep venous thrombosis caused by the slowing of the blood due to surgery or a prolonged period in bed.

Composition and Properties

Preventex is composed of Polyamide and elastane and is available in a range of sizes, knee-length, thigh-length and thigh length with belt to accommodate the different patient morphologies.

It has recently been improved and has a range of features and properties to ensure correct fitting and patient comfort.

  • A breathable silicon band on the thigh-length stockings for comfort and to maintain correct positioning
  • A 2-way stretch gusset to prevent a tourniquet effect and enhance patient comfort
  • An inspection opening under toes to provide easy access for the clinician
  • Anatomically designed heel to maintain the correct compression at the ankle and enhance patient comfort
  • Permanent size indicator sewn into the feet of both stockings for ease of identification

Preventex is now softer than before with a wider ankle to allow for easy application and fitting

Anti-embolism stockings work by providing graduated compression to the leg which increases the linear velocity of venous blood flow, reduces venous wall distension and improves valvular function.


Preventex is indicated for patients undergoing surgery or who have recently undergone surgery and who may be at risk of developing a deep venous thrombosis which can lead to Pulmonary Embolism.


Dermatitis, vein ligation (immediately post-operatively), gangrene,recent skin grafts, severe arteriosclerosis, massive oedema and extreme leg deformity.

Method of Use

 1) Put hand into stocking as far as the heel. Pinch heel section and turn stocking inside out.

2) Fold back 1 inch (2.5cm) of stocking at foot opening

3) Apply stocking to the foot and unfold the extra inch towards the heel

4) Gather up the remaining stocking and take it over the foot and lower leg

5) Working in small sections, work the stocking up the leg

6) Twist the stocking back and forth whilst taking it up the leg. This evenly distributes the fabric over the leg and ensures the stocking stays in place.




Measuring & Fitting Guidelines for knee-length Preventex anti-embolism stockings (AES)

 1) Measure ankle circumference (A) 2cm above the malleolus (ankle joint)

2) Measure the calf circumference at the widest point (C)

3) Measure the length of the leg from the back of the knee (Popliteal space) to the base of the heel (L)

4) Choose size of Preventex AES according to measurements

5) If patient is supine (lying down) when measured choose the next size up

Fitting Guidelines

 1) Put hand into stocking as far as heel, Pinch heel & turn stocking inside out. Fold back 1 inch (2.5cm) at opening

2) Insert foot into stocking & unfold extra inch (2.5cm) towards heel

3) Ensure foot and heel are correctly fitted within the stocking

4) Gather up remaining stocking and fit over the ankle

5) Work the stocking up the leg, gently twisting back and forth to ensure even pressure application

6) Check that toe-opening is correctly positioned below ball of foot and stocking feels comfortable








Anti-embolism stockings

Patient advice

While you are in hospital receiving treatment, there is a risk of developing a blood clot, known as a Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) in the lower leg, caused by a slowing of the blood flow through the veins due to increased time spent in bed or because of an operation.
To reduce this risk, you have been prescribed PREVENTEX® anti-embolism stockings which provide the correct pressure to help increase the blood flow back to the heart.
The nurse will measure your ankle, calf and thigh circumference and also your leg length, depending on whether you are having knee, thigh or waist high stockings, to ensure that the correct size of PREVENTEX® is fitted. The inspection opening at the toe allows the nurse to check your circulation and allows for better toe hygiene.
The breathable, non-constricting silicon coated band at the top of the stocking is designed for comfort and correct positioning, ensuring the stocking stays in place, while the knitted gusset provides comfort and allows for unrestricted blood flow.
Never roll your stockings down while you are wearing them as this will alter their performance and could constrict blood flow by causing a tourniquet effect.
Your stockings need to be worn both night and day, however, they may be removed for up to 30 minutes to allow for bathing or showering.



Sizes available


Ankle Calf Circumference Thigh Circumference Leg Length Size Code No
< 20cm < 32cm - < 41cm S-REG 21
41cm and above S-LNG 31
20-24cm 32 to 36cm - < 43cm M-REG 22
43cm and above M-LNG 32
23-26cm 36 to 42cm - < 46cm L-REG 23
46cm and above L-LNG 33
25-28cm 40 to 46cm - < 46cm XL-REG 24
46cm and above XL-LNG 34
> 28cm 44 to 56cm - < 48cm XXL-REG 25
48cm and above XXL-LNG 35


Ankle Calf Circumference Thigh Circumference Leg Length Size Code No
< 20cm < 32cm Up to 63cm < 74cm S-SHT 41
74 to 80cm S-REG 51
80cm and above S-LNG 61
20-24cm 32 to 36cm < 74cm M-SHT 42
74 to 80cm M-REG 52
80cm and above M-LNG 62
23-26cm 36 to 42cm < 74cm L-SHT 43
74 to 80cm L-REG 53
80cm and above L-LNG 63
> 26cm 40 to 46cm 63 to 81cm < 74cm XL-SHT 44
74 to 80cm XL-REG 54
80cm and above XL-LNG 64


Ankle Calf Circumference Thigh Circumference Leg Length Size Code No
< 20cm < 32cm Up to 63cm < 74cm S-REG 81
74cm and above S-LNG 91
20-24cm 32 to 36cm < 74cm M-REG 82
74cm and above M-LNG 92
23-26cm 36 to 42cm < 74cm L-REG 83
74cm and above L-LNG 93
> 26cm 40 to 46cm 63 to 81cm < 74cm XL-REG 84
74cm and above XL-LNG 94


All stocking packets are colour coded according to the size-chart to aid selection