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Soft-Adherent foam dressing with TLC

Composition and properties

TLC healing matrix logoUrgoTul Absorb is a soft-adherent foam dressing with TLC. It is made of a soft-adherent TLC layer (lipido-colloid particles) combined with an absorbent foam pad and a semi-permeable backing.


Properties:UrgoTul Absorb Pack

  • Soft-adherent TLC layer = Effective healing (1,2)
  • Pain-free dressing changes (3,4)
  • Well-tolerated (3,4)
    • Moist wound-healing (5,6)
    • Increased stimulation of fibroblast proliferation by 45% (3,7)
    • Easy to apply and very conformable (3,4)
    • Greater patient compliance and acceptability (3,4, 8))
  • Absorbent pad 
    • Absorbs low to moderate levels of exudate
    • Can be used under compression (3)
  • Semi-permeable backing
    • Prevents maceration (3,8)



  • Low to moderately exuding wounds (dermabrasions, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, skin tears…)


Method of use

  • Secure with a retention bandage (K-Band, K-Lite)
  • Can be left in place for up to 7 days


Sizes available


Size NPC Code PIP Code 
 6 x 6 cm Non Adhesive ELA421 347-1802
 10 x 10 cm Non Adhesive ELA422 347-1810
 15 x 20 cm Non Adhesive ELA423 347-1828
 Heel 12 x 19 cm Non Adhesive ELA424 347-1836




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