Career at Urgo Medical

At Urgo we invest in our people, products and services, leading the way in innovative and clinically effective personalised healing solutions. The company’s success is founded on the skills and commitment of its staff. Our key objective is to foster the development and professional fulfillment of every individual, in order to enhance performance and grow together.


Job Vacancies

Urgo Running Man


- Healthcare Partnership Manager (South East)

- Knitters

- Weavers





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Why Urgo Medical?

 Urgo Medical is a leader in the wound care market and has a clear ambition to pursue its international development. Our constant drive towards innovation, combined with a sustained investment in our people, research and development, production and clinical evidence to demonstrate the therapeutic effect of its products support this objective. Urgo sets its sights on excellence buoyed by the skills, commitment and initiative of its employees.


Urgo implements a rich and active employee development policy.

By promoting learning and the sharing of knowledge between employees we create a more knowledgeable workforce and as a result we can create a flexible organisation, adaptable to new ideas and change through a shared vision.

Attracting, developing and retaining talented and motivated individuals are at the core of delivering the best results to both our customers and our organisation. We want to develop and unlock the talent in each individual to help get the right people in the right jobs, doing the right things for our business to succeed and in turn ensuring each individual feels motivated, valued and inspired.


  • At URGO we believe that effective professional development:
  • Encourages effective learning
  • Helps ensure we have the right people in the right roles
  • Enables equal opportunities


The mission of the training team at URGO is to provide learning opportunities for all employees to improve and maintain performance, job satisfaction and professional development.

The Training department supports URGO’s business goals and its development as a learning organisation, facilitating continuous development via employee engagement.

We are committed to giving support, training and encouragement for your development. We will provide essential skills training and development which can be accessed by all employees.

For career progression and/or for continued professional development we offer access and entry to training programmes via three Urgo Academy routes: