UrgoKTwoCompression menu description  

INDICATIONSPressure system

UrgoKTwo is indicated for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and the reduction of chronic venous oedema



  • High-level compression is contra-indicated in patients suffering from an arterial condition (arterial or predominantly arterial ulcer; known or suspected arterial disease). UrgoKTwo is not recommended when the ankle-brachial pressure index (ABPI), measured by Doppler ultrasound, is below 0.8.
  • Patients potentially allergic to any of the components (especially to latex).


  • Before prescribing UrgoKTwo, it is necessary to perform a Doppler ultrasound assessment to check that the ABPI is greater than 0.8;
  • In the event of diabetes, heart failure or advanced microvascular disease, UrgoKTwo should only be used following medical advice, with close monitoring and after appropriate treatment.
  • The efficacy of UrgoKTwo has been tested and validated for the simultaneous application of K Tech and K Press.
  • If any difficulties arise, consult your clinician.


The UrgoKTwo compression system consists of two separate dynamic bandages:


K-Tech Compression Bandage


K Tech - 1st layer (30mmHg):

  • Reliable compression
  • Maximum comfort
  • • Effective absorbency


K-Press Compression Bandages


K Press - 2nd layer (10mmHg):

  • Holds the system in place
  • Prevents slippage
  • Applies the additional pressure required