The clinical contribution of Urgo

The clinical contribution of Urgo products has been proven by numerous clinical studies carried out in collaboration with medical staff and surgical wards. A great number of clinical trials has demonstrated the efficacy of URGO products in the management of the healing process. Fundamental studies demonstrate the mechanism of action of our products whilst observational studies permit to evaluate URGO products in real situations and provide epidemiological data relative to different types of wounds. The results of all clinical studies have been published in national or international reviews.

In total, URGO has a clinical research to date (including 3 Randomised Controlled Trials, 2 observational studies and 12 clinical studies) which has involved more than:

  • 140 medical and surgical wards across Europe
  • 260 medical / surgical investigators and 120 nurses
  • 1,300 patients (Randomised Controlled Trials)
  • 14,000 patients in Observational studies (MAPP, GIPPS…)