URGOCLEAN : Tough on slough, gentle on the wound

The appropriate management of wound exudate is an important part of wound care and historically the product of choice for many clinicians has been hydrofiber dressings.

 With the launch of the new URGOCLEAN range, clinicians now have a credible alternative to Aquacel. URGOCLEAN is not only proven to be comparable to Aquacel in terms of absorption capacity(1), it also offers extra features such as one piece removal (pad) (1), haemostatic properties(1) and the benefit of a probe with the rope version. URGOCLEAN also offers excellent desloughing properties (1), bacteria trapping (1), vertical absorption and retention (1), conformability (1) and pain free dressing changes (1).

With all these features and benefits combined with the cost effectiveness of URGOCLEAN vs Aquacel (9% less expensive on pad sizes)(2) it is clear that URGO have delivered a serious contender for clinicians to consider as an essential dressing for the management of sloughy or exuding wounds.

1. UrgoClean, Data on file, 2012. Urgo.
2. Pad sizes 5x5/6x6, 10x10, 15x15/15x20 cm only. Drug Tariff, November 2011.


Urgo Ltd is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of Altimed Ltd.
Altimed uses its extensive experience of compression therapy to create innovative graduated compression stockings.